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Who we are...

The Counseling Place is where you will you will find professionals who care, tools that work, and encouragement to build the skills you need to be more successful in life's journey.

We support individuals and families with unique and practical approaches to assist our clients to enjoy maximum benefit while they work on their personal growth.

We opened our office in 2008 and were the first Counseling Office in Washington. Illiin Family Counseling, Morning Light Counseling, and Next Step Training have always worked to serve Washington and the surrounding communities with the best couneling resources available. Over the years we have worked hard to help strengthen individuals and families throughout Central Illinois.


We take great pride in the trust that has been offered to us to provide quality care at affordable prices. It is our desire to continue that tradition at The Counseling Place offices.

We feel the relationships we establish with our clients make our counseling relationships unique and highly effective. You matter, and your family matters to all of us.

The Counseling Place is where the hope that life and relationships will get better begins!


Illini Family Counseling

Walt Nunnally


Morning Light Counseling

Bob Martin

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Next Step Training

Dr. David Dillon
Ed. D
Josh Lehman

Extending hope, building strength, finding solutions. . . it's what we do!



Counseling Support to help with...


Personal Growth


Family Relationship

Getting Ready for Marriage

Marriage Challenges


Substance Abuse


ADHD Testing and Treatment Support

Career Planning

PTSD Treatment (EMDR Certified)

Professional Growth

Grief / Loss

EAP Support

Other Things We Offer . . .

Early Intervention  Programs

Services for Schools

Parenting Workshops

Marriage Conferences

Business Seminars

Workplace Wellness Presentations

Community Speaking Services

On-line Counseling Consultations

Critical Incident Debriefing Support

Workshops Helping Families Deal with Substance Abuse

Laboratory Drug Screening Services

Personal Growth Resources

Professional Tutoring Services

Marriage Officiating

Funeral Officiating

Christian Counseling

Resources for
Parents and Caregivers


The Counseling Place offers a variety of Support Group opportunities and Workshops throughout the year designed to empower parents, strengthen families, and transform your home.


Imagine a home with no screaming, no fighting, and no tension. Our Parenting Workshops give you hundreds of specific ideas, tools, and techniques that will put you back in the driver's seat as a parent.


You will go home with practical tools that you can use to start seeing results from day one.


Our goal is to help you become effective parents, effective families, and effective homes.

Real World Kids need Real World Parents with Real World Solutions to the challenges families can face.


Change is possible and we can help you bring peace to your home.

Contact us at (309) 444-9900 to learn more about these events.

Seminars and Workshops


The Counseling Place is achieving more with our Seminar and Workshop initiatives than ever before.


We work on many exciting projects and offer resources throughout the year to help improve the lives of others.


We are very proud of the progress we continue to make in bringing the most effective and practical resources we can find to individuals, families, and organizations.


Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.

Families Dealing with Substance Abuse


One Step and One Day at a time!

Parenting Workshops

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Reinforcing our Commitment to Empower Parents
and Caregivers.

Marriage Seminars And Retreats

Engagement Ring

Creating Relationships
That Last A Lifetime

"There are far better things ahead than anything we left behind."

C S Lewis


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